The album is out now and we're very proud of it. You can find it here. We've decided to release it as a pay-what-you-can situation. If you can pay something for the album then it will help us a lot in doing more projects in the future, but if you can't pay then we hope you still download and enjoy it!

Album Cover

The album will be coming out soon! It's been a long process putting it all together and we are extremely proud of the result. We will post more when we have the last bits finished up. In the meantime, we wanted to share a preview of the artwork for the album. We commissioned the very talented Allison Florence Pritzl to build and photograph a sculpture for the album and it turned out beautifully. Find more of her work at

Allison Florence Pritzl Sculpture

We are very excited to announce that we will be performing Alexei Kremnev's 'Modern Times' with A&A Ballet on March 17th! We have recomposed the original music to be performed live and are very proud of the result. There will be recordings of the performance and we'll post them as soon as we can.

We've been working on an album for a while now. Things are coming together, getting closer and closer to something we will be happy to put out into the world. Should have some updates on it soon, and tracks not long after.

Also, we've got a very exciting collaboration for this coming March. We're in the middle of working on the project right now and will keep you posted over the next few months!